Helps streamline
maintenance in the field.

Compatible with browsers:

Chrome 54

Opera 41

Mobile application for maintenance staff, who need to work with data directly in the field. Allows technician to quickly accept a request for repair and make operative selection of material necessary to execute a given task. It also makes it easy to put together a report on maintenance execution and refill in the necessary photographic documentation.

Receipt of requests

Have always at hand all details about the assigned task including information on the location of the inspected equipment, cost center, or contact onto the task contracting authority.

Material reservation

Ask for the material needed for maintenance works directly from the field. Then pick up the prepared material from the stockroom.


Simplify your reporting on checks and inspections carried out. State overall task labour input, completion date and any recommendations for further maintenance with just a few clicks.

Other features

Photo documentation

Attach to the report on task execution photo records documenting the executed maintenance work.

User accounts

Log into the application with your personal number and password.


Create a list of important contacts that may come in handy during maintenance execution.

User accounts

Create a custom user profile for each worker. The application will download the tasks assigned to him/her.

Offline mode

Even at a location with no signal, nothing can stop you at work. Data synchronization with the FaMa+ back office can run simply later.


FaMa+ TPIS provides central administration of all hospital immovable and movable assets and unified and efficient management of processes concerning their operation and safety with an emphasis on cost reduction.

Spatial records

Module providing detailed construction and technical records of areas from the perspective of spatial disposition.

Technical records

Module containing Central and up-to-date registry of the reserved and other technical equipment with the option to sort the equipment according to its types, classes, production models, etc.

Construction records

Module intended for keeping detailed records of construction and technical elements of the buildings and of the suppliers providing maintenance of the construction parts and structural elements.

Personnel records

Module containing central registration and administration of basic personal data about persons acting in the employment relationships with an organization, including the administration of professions and the workplaces within the organization.

Registry of medical devices

Module suited for management of medical devices in accordance with the law No. 123/2000 Coll. and other governmental regulations. Provides an overview of medical devices’ value, depreciation, organizational units and persons who operate the medical devices.

Stockroom management

Module suited for keeping a stock inventory in one or more stockrooms. For individual stock items it allows registering receipts of stock to stockroom, issues of goods from stockroom, inter-stockroom transfers, accelerated issues into consumption or material reservations.

Work requests

Module for the management and administration of work requests. Authorized users are allowed to enter and approve requests for services, check the progress of their handling and evaluate their timeliness.

Work orders

Module supporting provision of operational, administrative, service, and repair activities. It is used for detailed scheduling, implementation and evaluation of the executed activities.


In order to coverage the processes associated with changes in dislocation of workers inside a given organization.


Module suited for central planning of operational activities, which are repeated at regular intervals and that require a complete provision in terms of the requirements for the material, the people in the organization or external resources.

more modules


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Device Movement on Patient application was created in HTML5.